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Marie-Claude Gervais



Born in the late 70s and grew up in a family that has constantly encouraged the expression of his art , Marie- Claude was introduced to oil painting at the age of 9 , where she acquired the necessary basic guide today his stroke.

Over the years, she developed her skills through a rigid application of the study of the human body. Self-taught in this evolution is persistently and relentlessly it reaches satisfaction. With its unique signature, her painted women are increasingly popular and recognized.

Now working in acrylic, in which medium is mixed ash and charcoal , her paintings have attracted the editor -in-chief of Everything is art published in the United States and Europe, where she offers her 4-page magazine and Traces Magazine that when the cover of December 2012 dedicated to her.

Between exhibitions, conferences and symposium, Marie- Claude permanent exhibition at the Art Gallery Galerie d’art le Castelet and La Galerie des arts de Terrebonne