© Créations Marie-Claude Gervais 2012

Marie-Claude Gervais


Marie- Claude looks.

She listens. The vibe.

She admires. Bodies.

She discovered. Time, space.

She imagines. Her dreams.

She imagines...

Then she painted tirelessly, with unprecedented accuracy this time, this drive, this "right - to – heart" that drives each of his paintings.

Drawing his inspiration from everyday scenes, but always with raw emotion, the artist represents the modern woman in its environment as it is sleek, urban or dynamic. The woman who wears all the hopes and disappointments. Strong woman, sexy, sweet, sensual, passionate and independent.

Painted in acrylic, each table is treated differently, with an undeniable attention and attention to detail to express realism. Using mediums such as ash or modeling paste brings the whole depth of field, a suitable texture to the subjects of his work. The colors, which are often and willingly tarnished with ashes, complete the composition and contribute to disorders atmosphere environments.

The subject, a woman of a thousand faces , is an obvious paradox between on the one hand the sweetness of her femininity and her role as seductive, and secondly , melancholy and coldness of its environment, juxtaposed in the background . Charged with shadows and contrasting lights, the works offer an amazing feeling that captivates us, enchants.

In short, the artist is given as to never have to sleep a portrait of the woman of today complex and simple at the same time. A woman that future generation will contemplate with envy as we contemplate today than in the past.



        Bourse MRC de Drummond 2013

        AIBAQ Prix palmarès 2013

        AIBAQ Prix découverte, vote des pairs, 2013

        AIBAQ Prix évolution artistique 2013

        Société Nationale Des Beaux-Arts, SALON DU CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE, PARIS  Prix spécial 2011

        Symposium Arts et Jardin coup de cœur du public 2012

        AIBAQ 2e Prix Akademos vote du jury 2011

        AIBAQ  1er prix Démos relève 2011

        Symposium Sp’Art 2e place prix du jury, CERCLE DES ARTISTES PEINTRES ET SCULPTEURS DU QUÉBEC

  Œuvre sélectionnée, Carton d’invitation de la 16e exposition annuelle des galeries des Laurentides, 2011   

  Œuvre sélectionnée, Carton d’invitation de la Féerie des couleurs 2011                                                         

  Prix coup de cœur des artistes, 15e expo annuel Galerie des Laurentides, 2010

        Mention, Concours annuel 14e édition maison des arts et de la culture de St-Faustin, 2010

        Caisse populaire Desjardins de Saint-Jérôme, œuvre sélectionnée par le jury pour l'exposition rotative, 2010